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Eclipse Lace Enchantment Lingerie Set

Eclipse Lace Enchantment Lingerie Set

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Introducing the Eclipse Lace Enchantment Lingerie Set – the pinnacle of luxury and allure. Crafted from the finest raschel lace, this set features an elegant underwire bra with feathered shoulder straps that blend sophistication with a hint of whimsy. The bra's unlined design highlights natural beauty, ensuring comfort without compromising on style. A distinctively designed wide lace detail acts as a garter belt, complete with suspenders for a classic yet contemporary look. The ensemble is completed with a G-string panty, offering an adjustable fit for ultimate comfort and appeal. Experience the unique charm of this exquisite set, perfect for those who seek the finest in lingerie craftsmanship.

  • Raschel Lace Material: Emphasizes the premium, delicate fabric known for its intricate designs and durability.
  • Feathered Shoulder Straps: Adds a unique, luxurious touch that sets this lingerie apart from conventional designs.
  • Underwire Unlined Bra: Combines support with a natural, flattering silhouette to accentuate natural curves.
  • Lace Garter Belt Detail: Integrates a wide lace band serving as a garter with suspenders, enhancing the set’s elegance and functionality.
  • Adjustable G-string Panty: Ensures a perfect fit, catering to personal comfort and styling preferences.


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