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Mirror Gleam Silver Sequin 2-Piece Festive Set

Mirror Gleam Silver Sequin 2-Piece Festive Set

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Capture attention with Mirror Gleam Silver Sequin 2-Piece Festive Set. Stand out in this high-impact look featuring a halter triangle top and mini skirt. The sequins provide a reflective effect, resulting in a captivating play of light and a festive aura. The top has an open back and adjustable chain straps for a perfect fit.
  • Large Round Shape Sequins: Adorned with large round shape sequins, this set creates a stunning visual impact, adding to the overall festive glamour.
  • Halter Triangle Top: The halter triangle top features a flattering silhouette, framing the décolletage with style and sophistication.
  • Open Back with Adjustable Chain Fit: Revel in the allure of the open back, enhanced by an adjustable chain fit that allows for a personalized and comfortable silhouette.
  • Mini Skirt: The mini skirt adds a flirtatious touch to the ensemble, completing the festive look with a playful and stylish element.
  • Mirror Effect: The sequins boast a mirror effect, creating a mesmerizing play of light that enhances the overall festive allure.
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